The MM3-Pro is the largest in Monster's line of 3-Roller Monster Mills. This is a massive upgrade to the already excellent MM-3 mill meant to compete and win against the best homebrew mills. The Pro model upgrades the rollers to 2" diameter, adds the billet aluminum knobs, as well as the 1/2" drive shaft as standard, a new knob adjustment mechanism, and 2" diameter rollers. With all the great features of their popular MM-3, but super sized with 2" diameter rollers and new non-slip adjustment mechanism. The MM3-Pro crushes grain twice with one pass through the mill. It starts with a preliminary crush through the initial fixed gap between the top two rollers, and then ends with a pass through the second gap between the drive roller, and the bottom third roller. The initial pass slightly flattens the grain, and gets it ready for the next crush, that breaks apart the grains and loosens the starch with minimal husk damage.

6" Long Adjustable Gap:

  • fully adjustable mill
  • three six-inch steel rollers form two gaps, a preliminary fixed gap of approx .060", and a fully adjustable secondary gap
  • dual eccentric adjusters: 0 to .065" secondary gap - milled from solid 6061 billet aluminum
  • 3 x 6" long, 2" diameter 1144 alloy steel rollers
  • drill-drive - CW, OR CCW
  • 13 lbs/minute throughput
  • alloy frame
  • SAE 841 oil impregnated bronze bushings
  • 2" diameter 1144 steel alloy rollers
  • 1/2" integral drive shaft standard w/3 flats for drill driving, 2" long outside frame
  • 3/8" integral axles
  • 1144 alloy steel rollers standard
  • 303 stainless steel roller material upgrade available
  • Heat treated/hardened 1144 alloy steel roller upgrade available

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