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I want to compete! How do I register?
Register is ONLINE ONLY this year! Click here to register! The registration fee is $25 and includes an additional guest ticket to the 2019 The Mighty Pint Homebrew Competition at WTMD.

Where will this event be?
The event will be on November 9, 2019 from 12-4pm at WTMD studios located at 1 Olympic Place, Towson, MD.

What kind of beer can I make?
That's 100% up to you! There are no style restrictions, so brew up your favorite recipe!

Will I have to attend the event in order to compete?
Yes. You are responsible for serving your beer at the event, whether it's you or a surrogate (though it helps to interact with attendees and discuss your beer - you are the best person to do that!)

How will I serve my beer?
We will provide ice and table space for you to serve your creation, the rest is up to you. Bring a cooler or container to store the ice to keep your bottles or keg chilled, and don't forget a vessel to collect votes! We have found that a creative display goes a long way when it comes to appeal! Have fun with signs and props - however you want to "sell" your beer is up to you! 

How much beer should I bring?
General rule of thumb - the more you bring, the more likely it is people can try it, and the more votes you're likely to get. This is a large event, so we recommend bringing a minimum of 5 gallons of your entry beer.

How many different beers can I enter?
Only one beer may be entered per registrant. To enter multiple beers, you'll need to register separately - but make sure you have someone to serve your beer!

Who will be judging the beer?
There will be crowd-judging by event attendees as well as a panel of judges comprised of beer aficionados from Nepenthe Brewing Co., The Brewer's Art, Bond Distribution, and WTMD. The judge's vote will determine the Grand Prize winners, while the top popular votes will determine additional place winners.

What is the Grand Prize?
For the first time ever, there will be TWO Grand Prizes! The Grand Prize winners will be able to brew their winning beers at Nepenthe Brewing Co. and The Brewer's Art in Spring 2020! Additionally, they will enjoy a tapping party introducing their beer in March/April 2020, and have dedicated kegs of their beer served at WTMD's 2020 Brews & Bands event. Other winners will receive prizes including gift cards and more!

I want to attend! Where can I buy tickets?
Tickets to attend will be sold by 89.7 WTMD - check their website by clicking here.

Is there more information about this event?
Live music, food, and plenty of homebrew - Visit the 89.7 WTMD website for more information by clicking here.

Will you contact competitors with day-of info like setup time?
Yes, we will be sending out an email to all competitors with all the info they'll need closer to the event.

I have a question that wasn't answered here. Who can I ask?
Shoot us an email at with any questions you may have.



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