Here is an FAQ to answer all your burning questions about our big move to our future home in Hampden, Baltimore!


Q. What is Nepenthe Brewing Co. anyway?
A. Get excited - Nepenthe is expanding! Brewery + Taproom + Homebrew Shop ALL UNDER ONE ROOF. We’ll soon be called Nepenthe Brewing Co. and will be your new favorite place to drink fresh beer, grab a bite to eat, and shop for your homebrewing supplies. We’ve got a 10 barrel brewhouse on the way and are building a super awesome taproom that will have some tasty food to cover all your basic nutritional needs. And of course, our award-winning homebrew store will also be tagging along! We’ll be located at 3622-24 Falls Rd. in Hampden, just off the Avenue.
Q. Is Nepenthe Homebrew still open?
A. Yes! We’ll be open in our current location at Meadow Mill until July 22, when we’ll shut down to pack up and move up the hill to the new spot.  
Q. So when will the new place be open then?
A. Sometime this Fall.  More details will be announced as an official date becomes clear. Don’t worry, we’re working as hard as we can to open ASAP.
Q. There's gonna be a gap between closing the shop and opening the brewery? BUT WHERE WILL I GET MY HOMEBREW SUPPLIES IN THE MEANTIME?! 
A. Take a deep breath, it’s going to be ok. There will be a gap, but once we’re all set up in the new location (give us a couple weeks for the move and unpacking) we’ll be accepting online orders for pick-up at our new location through our website.  Never used our online shop before? It’s super easy - we’ll pack your order up for you to swing by and pick up! We’ll even crush your grain for you if you’d like. You can currently use our online shop anytime, and it will be available even through the period we’re closed.  See? We got you. But remember - we don’t ship online orders.
Q. How can I stay on top of your progress?
A. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for updates and photographic evidence of progress! Also, sign up for our email list!
Q. Do you guys need help?
A. Hell yes. We’ll be looking for volunteers to help us with packing and moving at the end of July and anyone handy to help out in August and September with some of our general building tasks. We’d love to have your help! We’ll call for volunteers as we need them.
Q. What's up with in-store brewing?
A. In-store brewing will resume when we get our feet under us in the new space. Got a gift card and don’t want to wait to start brewing? No problem! Gift cards for in-store brewing are still good for merchandise in the shop during the interim, so if you can’t wait to start brewing we can set you up with everything you’ll need to brew at home! (Note that our webstore doesn’t work with our gift cards, but if you call or email us we’ll work it out with you!)
Q. Are you hiring? 
A. Pay attention to our social media - we will be hiring for all kitchen and taproom-related positions in the late summer. We're not currently looking for help in the homebrew shop, which is really too bad for you because working here is awesome. 
Q. What about Benny?
A. He's been certified by the state of Maryland as a Good Boy. He's coming too.


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