Wine! Excellent choice.

You'll need the following:

1. An EQUIPMENT KIT will provide you with all the equipment you'll need to create and ferment your wine. Bottles are not included but can be purchased here - you'll need about 30 bottles per 6 gallon batch. (NOTE: Only the Deluxe kit comes with a corker, which is necessary for bottling and can be purchased separately. We recommend this one for beginners.)

2. An INGREDIENT KIT will contain juice, yeast and any other piece of the puzzle required for the recipe of your choice. Remember, if you're getting a 6 gallon equipment kit, you'll need a 6 gallon ingredient kit! Likewise, if you're going smaller with our novelty 1 gallon kits, you'll need a 1 gallon ingredient kit.

3. SANITIZERNever underestimate the importance of your sanitizer. Remember, you'll be sanitizing everything that touches or comes near your wine! We recommend Star San if you've never used a sanitizer before, it's our go-to brewing sanitizer.

Let's start here. Go through each of these pages and select your favorite option. If you need help deciding, give us a call at 443-438-4846 or email us at We're always here to help! 








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