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Each of these kits has all of the tools you need to brew your first batch (and many batches after that). There are 3 kits to choose from - a basic kit and two deluxe kits. The basic kit is our most economical package, and is guaranteed to get you where you need to go. The two deluxe kits have more "quality of life" upgrades that brewers tend to upgrade to after their first or second time brewing, such as an auto-siphon and higher quality equipment. The deluxe kits come in two varieties - one has a glass carboy and one has a lightweight Better Bottle carboy. Better Bottle carboys are lighter, more transportable and less likely to break if dropped or knocked over. Glass carboys are scratch-resistent and are better for aging beer and wine for longer periods of time. We generally recommend the middle-of-the-road Deluxe Equipment Kit with Better Bottle for a first-time brewer. 


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